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    • Philadelphia, PA * - Fall 2015

      09-25-2015 - 09-27-2015

    • Orlando, FL - Fall 2015

      10-09-2015 - 10-11-2015

    • Kansas City, KS - Fall 2015

      11-06-2015 - 11-08-2015

      * New Location
    • Cleveland, OH - Fall 2015

      11-20-2015 - 11-22-2015


    Valley Anesthesia


    Valley Anesthesia has served the Nurse Anesthesia community since 1990 and is a recognized leader in helping the Student Nurse Anesthetist (SNA) prepare for the National Certifying Exam (NCE).

    What we offer:


    • Continuing Education for the CRNA 2015 Nashville, TN

      10-17-2015 - 10-20-2015

      • Scott was probably the best educator I have listened to; and his information and ability to teach it along with the condensed yet simplified sweat book was crucial to my success.

      • I cannot imagine trying to study for boards without Valley. Valley is an organized way to review everything.

      • I was very impressed when I attended your program in March ... YOUR program has given me the confidence AND the real-time information I will need to pass the boards.

      • I felt very overwhelmed studying for the Board Exam until I got the Valley materials. It was methodical, to the point, very organized. I only studied Valley & passed on the 1st time.
      • Valley does an excellent job...it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to study the material. I would stress to start early and NOT wait to start studying until after graduation.

      • The MemoryMaster offered a very comprehensive review. I studied the Sweat Book first, and then went through MemoryMaster twice. I only wish I had started studying earlier.

      • Valley helped me organize my studying—without it I don’t know if I would have known where to start. I would encourage every SRNA to take the course.

      • Beautiful recap of all topics discussed in the last 3 years. Grateful for the Valley Review and would recommend it to all! Thank you!
      • I read ‘3M’ but went through the Sweat Book and MemoryMaster x2 and felt prepared. Valley sure helped me to narrow down what I needed to focus on. Thanks!
      • Helped me generate a study plan... or so-called ‘plan of attack.’ Went through MemoryMaster and Sweat Book x3 apiece. Glad I did... the boards are not easy!!
      • Valley was a very concise way of studying the information I needed to know. It was a great use of my time and money to attend the Course and to study the materials. Thank you.
      • The Course/Sweat Book/MemoryMaster/Mixed Reviews... studied over and over again. Gave me the confidence that I could pass the Certification Exam, and I did!
      • This Review Course actually made me excited about studying again. The information was finally taught to me in a way I could understand. Thanks Valley!
      • The Sweat Book was my study bible and I stuck by it, even now that I have passed. I know and under­stand the material and was confident during the exam.
      • I did MemoryMaster x4... and, from my reviews of MemoryMaster, very few questions on the exam surprised me. I felt confidant and prepared thanks to the Valley materials.